Minutes of the Fifth Session of the Third Session of Wenzhou Pump and Valve Industry Association

2018-06-11 Read:5297
      In the golden autumn season, Dangui fragrance, on the afternoon of September 12, the fifth session of the third session of the Wenzhou Pump and Valve Industry Association was held in the Olympic Holiday Hotel. Representatives from more than 240 member units attended the conference, and leaders from the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Social Organization Administration, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the Commerce Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation, the Local Taxation Bureau, and the Statistics Bureau attended the meeting. Sitting on the rostrum, the meeting was full of life, unity, harmony and warm atmosphere from beginning to end.
      President Yang Rongshui made a work report to the conference to "strengthen the normative construction of the association and promote the healthy development of the industry". The content of the report is divided into four parts, reviewing and summarizing the work in 2012: an analysis of the development situation of my industry this year: how to treat The current situation, the realistic goal of economic development throughout the year: and strengthening the normative construction of the association, so that the association truly becomes the main functional department to promote the development of the industry.
      In 2012, due to the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, and the various policies supported by the government to promote trade, our industry has achieved certain results, and the growth rate of various economic indicators is ranked in the forefront of all industries in the city, which is also The hard work of the majority of member companies is inseparable, but the honors they have achieved can only explain the past, we must continue to work hard and strive for greater achievements.
      The three quarters of this year will soon pass. Due to the impact of the international and domestic economic environment, it directly affects the healthy development of our industry. Enterprises have encountered unprecedented difficulties. By August, the industry has achieved a total industrial output value of 17 billion yuan. The total sales volume is 14 billion yuan and the export delivery value is 550 million US dollars. From the above economic data, although some indicators have slightly declined, the overall development of the whole industry is relatively stable. Similar features last year. In the first quarter, all economic indicators maintained growth. After entering April, they began to fluctuate and showed a slight decline. This phenomenon began to appear in May last year and began to rise in September. In the next six months of this year, it is estimated that the development space of the entire industry is still broad, and the possibility of catching up with or surpassing last year is still very large.
      The reduction of foreign orders is also one of the main reasons. According to the information of the Bureau of Commerce, this year's export volume has dropped by about 7%. According to the companies that went to the US in May, the orders this year have a certain decrease compared with last year. The shortage of funds is the most prominent focus of the current enterprises. Banks have no money, no folks, no money, where is the money? Many companies are rushing for money every day, and the difficulty in producing working capital seriously hinders the development of enterprises.
      We must correctly look at the current situation and look for opportunities to rebound in the face of adversity. President Yang pointed out: 1. Strengthening confidence 2. Improving scientific management and fine management of enterprises 3. Strengthening scientific and technological innovation capabilities, good at capturing business opportunities, and taking out A road with both market and profit makes the company set foot on the fast track of steady and rapid development and achieves the economic goals for the whole year. At the same time, in his report, President Yang strengthened the construction of the association, improved the self-discipline and statute, promoted information disclosure, and strengthened normative construction, and proposed a series of measures. According to the spirit of the civil affairs department documents of the higher authorities and the municipal government's "Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Social Organizations", we must strengthen the construction of the industry associations themselves, improve the standardization of the associations, establish a sound and honest work system, and promote the construction of the association's organizational system. Give full play to the association's efforts to promote the construction of the market supervision system, so that the association can play an important role in the industry. At the end of the report, President Yang asked the whole industry to actively respond to the rapid development of the municipal party committee and municipal government, create brilliant strategic initiatives, engage in industry with one heart and one mind, be realistic and pragmatic, and work hard to make greater contributions to Wenzhou's economic development.
      Yang Liancheng, executive vice president, gave a financial report to the conference and read the Financial Management System. Xia Furong, the executive vice president, read the rules and regulations to the conference, and gave detailed explanations on the general rules, rules, regulations and regulations. He hoped that the member enterprises would operate in good faith, operate according to law, operate with high quality, and operate harmoniously.
      The director of the Municipal Social Organization Administration, Jian Jian, put forward requirements for the construction of industry associations and the role of responsibilities. He emphasized that it is necessary to increase support and actively create conditions. Professional leaders of professional associations and full-time staff should be trained to improve their work. Ability and policy level, we must actively create a platform for social organization exchanges, promote the scientific and standardized development of industry associations, and actively promote the transfer of functions by relevant government departments to industry associations. Industry associations should actively participate in the declaration of relevant qualifications and have the qualifications for undertaking qualifications as soon as possible. Make industry associations truly become the main functional departments to promote the development of the industry.
      Finally, the deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, Xu Zhuliang, made an important speech. He affirmed the important position of my industry in the economic structure of the city. It is a stable and stable industry with development potential. It is a sunny industry with broad development prospects. It points out the problems existing in the industry and the limitations of development. There are no brand enterprises that are particularly prominent in China. The annual output value of leading enterprises still stays at the level of 300-400 million, which resists the development of the industry. And pointed out the direction of future development, focusing on cultivating a number of leading enterprises with far-reaching influence in China, with an annual output value of 500 million to 1 billion, improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation, improving the scientific and technological content of products, and going to nuclear power and supercritical thermal power valves. High-end valves such as coal chemical valves have entered the market. Finally, he hopes that enterprises in the whole industry will revitalize the real economy and promote catch-up development. To be bigger, stronger, and better, to promote the transformation of the real economy, to achieve great development, and to strive for the development of Wenzhou.