Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Enterprise Research Center was identified as a provincial enterprise research institute

2018-06-11 Read:4945
       According to the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, and the Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Notice on the Confirmation Results of the 2015 Provincial Enterprise Research Institute on the official homepage of the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province was released. A total of four research centers in Zhejiang valve enterprises have been identified as provincial-level enterprise research institutes. Namely: Zhejiang Huacheng Bronze Valve Research Institute of Ningbo Huacheng Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Petrochemical Special Valve Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd., belonging to Zhejiang Dunan Valve Research Institute of Zhejiang Dunan Valve Co., Ltd. Special Valves Research Institute of Bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd.
       The notice hopes that the newly-recognized provincial-level enterprise research institutes will further strengthen independent innovation and continuously develop new technologies, new processes and new products with market prospects and competitiveness, and provide technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises.