Leading the Party's Construction with Party Building Culture

2018-06-12 Read:1990
       The connotation of party building culture should include the following aspects: First, ideas. The concept of ideas is undoubtedly the main core of the party building culture, including the guiding ideology, programs and principles, and basic lines of party building.

       Organizational concept. As one of the largest political parties in the world, the Communist Party of China itself has strict organizational and normative nature. This kind of organizational concept is naturally one of the cultural concepts of party building work. Therefore, the party building culture must also emphasize the organizational concept, that is, the individual is required to obey the organization. Party members and cadres must support the party's program in life and work, abide by the party's charter, fulfill party members' obligations, implement party decisions, strictly observe party discipline, and protect the party's Secret, loyal to the party, active work. The organizational concept in the party building culture is the ideological guarantee of the party building work.

       Behavioral concept. Party building work is a practical work. It is necessary to emphasize that party members and cadres should closely contact the masses in their work, serve the people wholeheartedly, pay attention to the connection between theory and practice, actively carry forward the style of hard work and hard work, and constantly improve themselves in the work.

       Values. The values of the party's construction work are highly consistent with the party's ruling values, that is, to emphasize serving the people and to sacrifice the personal interests of party members and cadres for the benefit of the people. This kind of value is actually a moral requirement for party members and cadres, and it is a moral sublimation of the above three aspects. In addition, the value concept also has the meaning of cultural symbols. For example, the party flag and the party emblem are the value symbols of the party building work. Its cultural connotation is the value embodiment of the party building work, and it can stimulate the sense of responsibility and mission of the party members and cadres in the party building work.

       Compared with the general cultural form, the party building culture has unique characteristics and characteristics. Specifically: First, the party building culture is inherited and transformative. The culture of party building is the product of our party's conception in the long-term revolutionary practice and socialist construction. It is inherited by the Communist Party's fine tradition in the revolutionary era and is also inherited by China's excellent traditional culture and has a strong national character. However, with the development of society and the changes of the times, the party building culture is not static, but advancing with the times, closely integrated with China's economic and social development and progress, fully embodies its characteristics of the times and the attributes of social development.